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Syrian Desert (Southern Route)

  sand grains in sandals dunes clamber to deep blue skies a snake slithers past ©Vivian Zems Carpe Diem #1373 Syrian Desert (Southern Route)


It’s The Same

Pain is the payment for that precious thing Pain is the reward for that foolish thing Of mind or of body endorphins sing from hymns sheets- the same Of precious or of foolish seeping through layers clutching nerve endings burning... Continue Reading →

Waxing Lyrical My promo begins TODAY! For 5 days only, you can download a FREE copy of Waxing Lyrical from Amazon.

Fifty Shades of “Meh!”

I don't get the furore over the Fifty Shades Trilogy. Everyone's literally got their knickers in a twist trying to get tickets to the cinema for the latest offering! Me, I read the books- and I must say- my imagination... Continue Reading →

Moment of Tangency

Fragile eyelashes flicker like whispering butterflies as I sway on the veranda to the close beat of my heart's cantata pupils dilate at your image though unknown is your visage sultry glances I throw never for you to know in... Continue Reading →

The Final Result

Becoming.... turmoil's finale Hewn from hurt, carved from strife -into a new creation stronger and better ©Vivian Zems (#Shadorma) February Writing Prompt 19/28 ~ Steadfast Turmoil  

ANNOUNCEMENT! Book Launch!!!!

  Finally!!!!! It's taken ages to get my poetry book published. "Waxing Lyrical" is born!  Since it's inception, the title has changed twice and the cover image, three times. I just couldn't make up my mind! My 5-day Free e-Book... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, Winter

short days turn to see sunlight rising earlier winter fades away ©Vivian Zems Haiku Horizons ~ Vanish

Water, Please

first light brimming well lies silent my thirst screams ©Vivian Zems Carpe Diem Haiku Kai Weekend Meditation #20 Chiyo-ni (Kaga no Chiyo) was a Japanese poet of the Edo period, widely regarded as one of the greatest poets of haiku.... Continue Reading →

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