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Bottoms Up!

Drink Life Quench thirst Fill the cracks Swallow to your fill      This life, refreshingly best Copyright © 2017 Vivian Zems (A Fibonacci Poem)


Is She For Me?

(6 word story) If you don't know, it's NO!   Copyright © 2017 Vivian Zems

Terra Firma

Life, Full of ups and downs On the up, wings are spread Floating freely On the down, Things get lively Frantic Beating of wings Chaos, confusion Regressive thoughts of things Fighting back Not being beaten To do nothing, Yourself you'll... Continue Reading →


(6 word story) You're always evil in someone's story. The End Copyright © 2017 Vivian Zems


Fear dons a mask It Cringes With nowhere to go Back against the wall Feeling so small Charging forward No thought of danger No longer a coward A survivor A stranger Daring to be brave Yourself only, to save You,... Continue Reading →

Just Smile

A real smile comes from the heart It worms its way up the body Forcing lips apart A fake smile is an Illusion That starts in the face Its vanishes as quickly Not leaving a trace Give me your smile... Continue Reading →

The Wheel

(A Fibonacci Poem) Work Sleep Repeat Hamster wheel  Break this life cycle Dare to live, dare to dream BIG  Copyright © 2017 Vivian Zems (Image by Lukehauser)

Bitter Fruits

The Sins Unseen We Commit Bear fruits most bitter Ruined lives, the consequence Copyright © 2017 Vivian Zems ( A Fibonacci Poem)

Torn Scabs

 Scars healing gently Scabs forming slowly Thinking - over the worst Then a trip and fall Was this a blessing or curse? Scabs ripped away Wounds gaping open  Heart strings rang out Fresh blood forming a spout Now knowing beyond... Continue Reading →

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