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The Elixir Of Life

Elixir Daily Post As I sit in the chair, nervous fingers through my hair I gaze at his lips Searching for hints and tips I snap to attention when I hear The dreaded words I fear He says, "You have... Continue Reading →


To The Terrorist :

Image - courtesy of BBC ( a case of non-Acceptance  ) Yesterday, you committed an act of utter cowardice in my city. You took the lives of 4 innocent people and got your just desserts in the process. TODAY is... Continue Reading →

Love my Neighbour as Myself? Maybe….. Maybe not (The Pharisee)

Via The Daily Post As I awake and look to the sky I thank my God that He has placed me so high I pray all the time , volunteer when I can Give to the poor, and of you,... Continue Reading →

The Confession

The two men stared at one another.  Greg's words hung in the air. Richard shifted uncomfortably in his seat-he hadn't  been prepared for that. "I feel like a fraud!"Greg cried, tears streaming down his face. "I wake up every morning... Continue Reading →

It's Not What it Looks like -Part 2 via Daily Post Following the first part of this article, I could see the similarities between how black voters were ostracised in America in the 60's from voting- and the recent Muslim... Continue Reading →

Oh Money, My Money (Daily Post)

The Rich Fool Wherever I am, you are seen What else would my life mean? Through thick and thin You lift up my chin People love me more Because they know you're in store I stand tall and proud Because you... Continue Reading →

Desire (Daily Post)

That you Desire me- it's why I stay Your adoration blows me away As I gaze into your eyes, I see myself reflected- in all my awesome glory My  life is now your life, my  tale- your story Never think above your station Nothing that causes... Continue Reading →

Its Not What It Looks Like- Just Take The Test Part 1

Quicken (Daily Post) Louisiana Literacy Test - 1960's This 10 minute test was introduced to discourage  potential black voters from registering. There are several other tests but this one takes the biscuit. My heart  had quickened  by the time I'd reached... Continue Reading →

“Who do you trust, me or your lying eyes?”

  Guess who this post is about? Trump has taken the art of gas lighting to a whole new level. The technique involves saying and doing things and then denying it, blaming others for misunderstanding, disparaging their concerns as oversensitivity,... Continue Reading →

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