My heart goes out to the victims and their families for suffering this heinous crime. Having studied and had two of my children in Manchester, I feel chilled at what other parents are having to go through.

    The sight of a parent’s grief 

    Their piercing wails

    It shakes your belief 

    You cannot fathom 

    What it entails

    To lose your loved one

    To lose YOUR child

    In this awful carnage

    It just numbs the mind

    I see the grief

    I see the despair

    “That’s my child!” they cry

    “Does anyone know why?”

    I send them comfort

    In my thoughts 

    And in my words

    If only with a Catapult 

    If only with the birds

    But I ask the same question..

    “Does anyone know why?”

    Copyright © 2017
    Vivian Zems
    All rights reserved