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Mad Tea

Skipping along on my merry way I meet the Mad-Hatter- who asks me to stay To sit for a spell So I can tell Him "if Alice passed me along the way" He poured me a cuppa Looking all good... Continue Reading →


Mirror Man

Moving cautiously Careful to avoid The man in the mirror- That was his greatest fear That he would face this man And all would become clear Avoiding people whose faces were mirrors Clinging only- to opaque visitors Hoping to avoid... Continue Reading →

Life’s Potpourri

Every day is a new one for me A chance for a do-over A chance to remain free Every day I smell the roses My brain composes New verses for anyone to see Every day is a new day for... Continue Reading →

Clouds Above

Laughing and singing Surrounded by friends Cumulonimbus clouds Gathering Just above her head She sees them Harmonize In the corner of eye She sees them edge closer And shivers with dread Rictus smile in place No expression on her face... Continue Reading →

Steady Pulse

Anger lies  Dormant Asleep over there Don't dare disturb it Don't cause a stir Keep it starved of stories Of tales true or false Control your anger Avoid  Raising your pulse Copyright © 2017 Vivian Zems

Gloria Carter

Living in the shadow Can you imagine what Kind of life it is to live? In the shadows people See you as happy and free Because that's what you Want them to see Living two lives Happy, but not free... Continue Reading →

Man The Gate

Love, Hate Worming their way Into the heart they stay Man the Gate, pick or chase away Which One? (A Cinqain Poem) Copyright © 2017  Vivian Zems

Alternative Snacks

Here are some  Alternative facts I got fat by eating  Alternative snacks  They included Lollipops  Licked to death And washed down with  soda pops  There were some toffees too But these pulled out  A filling or two My kids have... Continue Reading →

Lessons in a Storm

Lessons learned In a storm Are the best ones For character reform They focus your mind Magnify your flaws Judge your intent And Give you pause They stay with you Imprint on your soul You never forget Lessons learnt Whilst... Continue Reading →

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