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Ta-Dah – Indeed!

The pain of betrayal The sting of your lies You strung us along With you soothing our cries You, pretending to be us Now, nothing more to discuss (140 characters) Copyright©2017- Vivian Zems Twittering  Tales #45


Verdict Delivered

  Thelma and Louise were exhausted. Guns ready, they waited with bated breath. This was it; the finale. A hail of bullets was to be their end. (A Twittering Tale -140 characters)                ... Continue Reading →

The Cure

Dr Casi had found the cure! He peers eagerly as his sperm cells kill the cancer cells. His alien DNA was mankind's answer! But who to tell? The End Copyright  © 2017 -Vivian Zems   (Twittering Tale -140 characters) (Micro... Continue Reading →

A Big Thank You :)

Many thanks to Linda J Wolff  at  Urban Poetry for choosing my poem Dare to Undress as one of the winners in the Cinquain Poetry Challenge. I'm  so chuffed ! 🙂 ! So rare To be able To remove your armour... Continue Reading →

The Joys Of Travel

There's an innate pleasure in preparing for a journey. Some love the feeling of 'just getting away', others- the desire to explore. There are a plethora of reasons why we enjoy travel. A friend put it simply to me. He... Continue Reading →


Marty got up to make a cup of tea. She stood shakily on her feet and shuffled slowly towards  the kitchen. At 87, arthritis had wreaked havoc on her hand and knee joints. Marty winced, as she slowly prepared her... Continue Reading →

Gloria Carter

Living in the shadow Can you imagine what Kind of life it is to live? In the shadows people See you as happy and free Because that's what you Want them to see Living two lives Happy, but not free... Continue Reading →

Inspired to Write 

When has there ever been the right time to write? Or how about this one: what inspires a writer? When it comes to finding inspiration, every writer is different . For me, it's  picking up ideas from everyday life. I... Continue Reading →

In So Many Words

He : 👋 She: 👀 He: 😍 She: ??? He: 😜 She:😋 He:🎉 ,🎥, 🎶,  🏩, ??? She: 💑, 💍,  💒💐,   👪, 💰 He: 👣,👣,👣,👣,👋👋 Copyright © 2017  Vivian Zems

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