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Life as a parent is fraught with worries, negotiations and nagging doubts. It's also peppered with triumphs and pleasant surprises. A case in point was when I received a text from my daughter last week. It simply said, "You've sacrificed... Continue Reading →


Memento Mori

She is led back here repeatedly as if drawn by a force. She knows not what she awaits but wait, she does. After a time, she sees him; the figure of her dreams. Perhaps this is her destiny. His face... Continue Reading →

A Throne for A King

Richard was ecstatic. He'd just picked up his 'Russian bride ', and they were headed home; their home. Valentina¬† smiled shyly. Her English was stilted, but still fairly good. He knew that she would overlook his tall tales of royalty.... Continue Reading →

The Wardrobe

Jackie was startled by the sudden commotion. Alex and Sylvia tore past her, shrieking at the top of their lungs. Panic seized her as she propelled herself after them. Catching up with them, she tried to make sense of their... Continue Reading →

Fastidious Matters

Sipping coffee. It's my favourite red mug. I place it 2cm to the right of my Mac. Dressed in my favourite blue pyjamas - the colour of the day is BLUE. Crossing my legs (like this), I line up my... Continue Reading →

Safe and Sound

Linda coughed painfully. She clutched 3 year-old Jessica tightly. "MA'AM! WE NEED TO MOVE BACK - NOW!" shouted a nearby fireman, "THE FIRE'S ABOUT TO GET OUT OF CONTROL!" Linda hurried backwards along with the other residents. They had escaped... Continue Reading →

Love Burns

The street bustled with commuters in the bright morning sun. Pam watched the entrance to Bloomingdales at a discreet distance. She'd seen Idris enter the building not 10 minutes earlier. He'd be ecstatic when he saw her. Theirs was a... Continue Reading →

House For Sale

"So, how long do you wish the house to remain on the market?" asked Giles. Giles thought Scott Kindredspirit23 had not only a weird name, but an accompanying eerie demeanour. "More tea?" Mr Kindredspirit23 asked, instead. Giles acquiesced and had... Continue Reading →

The Wild West Singer

Two riders, maybe outlaws- nobody knows- ride into town. Each approaching from opposite ends, horses at a canter. They slow down, six feet apart; each posturing. Silence falls on the crowd. The riders' jaws are set -as if afflicted with... Continue Reading →

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