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Like a River

Bjorn hosts at dVerse today, asking us to write about water in one of its many forms. At the risk of sounding like a Debbie downer, I've chosen the subject of tears. Haibun Monday I've recently had reason to cry tears of... Continue Reading →


Tree house Hugger

The hapless workers and Martha were at a stalemate. "You have 30 seconds!" shouted the foreman. "Do your worst," she screamed, "I dare you!" (C)- Vivian Zems 140 characters Twittering Tale  #53

The Tower

Peter heard his own voice becoming more hoarse as he continued to shout up at the window of the tower. He had dreamed of this moment for months and was euphoric with excitement. He stopped to catch his breath, took... Continue Reading →

Bird Calls

'This is Linda, my Myna bird', Greg says, proudly bringing Linda closer to his phone screen. Sam squealed, 'Oh! She's so cute!' This was their second online date. Sam thought Greg was a gem. He seemed so kind and witty.... Continue Reading →


Captain Jack sat on his deck with a steaming mug of tea. A movement in the trees beyond caught his eye. It appeared to be a figure shambling towards his boat. Captain Jack stood up and raced down the short... Continue Reading →

Lost in Translation

  -Oh my! When you said you were a clown I didn't realise that it was ur actual job!? -Oops! When it said 'blind date', I thot it mnt BLIND date! 140 characters Twittering Tale #52

Dating In The Dark

I cannot rest when the moon is full, it’s wintery presence keeps me wakeful. That's why I told Keith I'd meet him in the theatre parking lot at this ungodly hour. I'd never met him before-well-not in person. But when this... Continue Reading →

Judging Covers

  Mark smiled at Paula across the corridor. She smiled back shyly. They'd both enjoyed dinner last night. This was the first time in a long while he'd clicked with someone. Tonight, they were going to the theatre after work.... Continue Reading →

The Gift

The day was fast approaching and I wasn't sure how to deal with it. Mark, my eight year-old would be celebrating his ninth birthday tomorrow. He'd asked me repeatedly if mummy would call. I'd smile wanly and change the subject.... Continue Reading →

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