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A Doorbell Rings

Squaring shoulders, Peter tried, "Hi! I'm your son." No that was too direct. "Hello sir, did you know Madeline Hoffman? " No, that didn't sound right either. He tried, " Hi! I'm sure you know who I am." Peter sighed.... Continue Reading →


I Am Many

I was born in one place, grew up in another and now live in another. And yet, I'm of- again- another. Where does that leave me? What memories do I dredge up when thinking of my hometown? I'll tell you-... Continue Reading →

The Trees Have Eyes

Eli wiped his brow and surveyed the remnants of wood. They would have to wait until tomorrow. Trudging home along the bank of trees, he wondered idly at the newly hewned earth that lined his path. Had someone been digging?... Continue Reading →

Dream Home

There was a time when the sight of a building such as this, would give me a thrill. What I'd see was a beautiful house with strong wooden doors, white sash windows and the interior illuminated with soft down-lights. I'd... Continue Reading →

Freedom is Never Free

I love this quote by the late Maya Angelou. History is littered with the martyrdom of heroes fighting for freedom. As the saying goes, 'you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette.' And the fight still goes on.... Continue Reading →

On Handwriting….

I have very few recollections of writing as a child. That may have been because my first lessons, at the age of 6, were fraught with anxiety as I had to learn the English language the same time. As I... Continue Reading →

The Ride from Hell

Michael settled himself into the car. As the ride began, his car spun lazily from side to side. That's when he saw her. That was HIS Natalie -canoodling with some guy! Enraged, Michael tried to stand, but was held in... Continue Reading →

The Walls (short prose)

The air hangs heavy with words  unspoken. Even the walls groan in agony. They've  heard sadness, witnessed tears and winced at raised voices. Terse conversation continues until the first shafts of sunlight cut across the room. Tired walls sigh with... Continue Reading →

It’s All in the Title

The challenge : Choose one or more of the titles below and fashion a poem or story around it : The Vile Truth, Shadows in the Cellar, Frozen Filaments, Inescapable: A Mind without Doors, Soul Scathing Darkness, Wrath of the... Continue Reading →

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