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The Other Man

He loved her so But she wasn't his She belonged to another She wasn't his missus Time and again He'd begged her to stay Her bruises and welts She kept from display He wanted to comfort her To heal her... Continue Reading →


The Call

I had a dream About the Man from Galilee  He showed up unbidden  Nearly hidden Almost unseen  He said he'd been waiting All this time waiting Just for me I asked for more time There was more to do I... Continue Reading →

The Other Woman

(Daily Post) She stared at her adversary  Consumed with jealousy  What did she possess? She thought bitterly  Were they the clothes, shoes The poise or the boobs? Was it the lips, hips Or enough hair to spare? She could not... Continue Reading →

The Flood

He built a house A beautiful home He filled it with people So he was never alone But he built his home on mud They were happy for years  Were the envy of their peers And they survived Through blood,... Continue Reading →

Hoisted By His Own Pertard

I'd promised myself a well-earned rest from Trump, as we've got other problems here - -- like Brexit, for starters. (UK) But I just heard this....... and couldn't resist! Enjoy!

No Mercy (A Dark Tale)

Notorious was she Adept in killing sprees She was cold as ice And took pleasure  In her vice She was a weapon  Her sword, like a laser Her touch could deaden And it didn't faze her They gave her a target... Continue Reading →

He Died

(Image by Cutteroz) They cursed and reviled him But he was dead They gossiped late into the night Taking delight at his plight But he was dead They gathered and made plans They handed out bans But he was dead... Continue Reading →

It’s Their Fault!

Here we go again. I'm like a moth drawn to a flame with Trump-ish-ness.  So, Trump's latest gaffe is firing FBI director- Comey, as well as potential evidence of obstructing investigations (Trump/Russia) etc. Effectively, he's made a Farce of the... Continue Reading →

Silence of the Lamb

As silent as a lamb She arrived At the Precipice  Of her life Her silence spoke volumes  In words Would have filled columns The edge was near Her vision was clear She spread her  grown wings  And Soared smoothly into... Continue Reading →

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