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Dragonfly Wings

Dragonflies skim lilly pads Flitting across waters Power and poise In iridescent wings Good luck charms To the power of self Opening our eyes To the deeper Meaning of our lives  ©Vivian Zems Real Toads - Bits of Inspiration ~Dragonfly 


Safe and Sound

Linda coughed painfully. She clutched 3 year-old Jessica tightly. "MA'AM! WE NEED TO MOVE BACK - NOW!" shouted a nearby fireman, "THE FIRE'S ABOUT TO GET OUT OF CONTROL!" Linda hurried backwards along with the other residents. They had escaped... Continue Reading →

Mugabe Under House Arrest

It walks like a coup It smells like one too A nation in flux Soldiers in charge Guarding the old wiley fox But where is Grace? She, who's always in your face Mayhaps in hiding Her time, abiding The people... Continue Reading →


Chitty bang bang But this time with balloons Oh! What it would be   To float over cities Soaring with eagles The stuff of dreams ©Vivian Zems (#Cherita) Lillian is  hosting Tuesday Poetics at dVerse, the virtual pub for poets.  Street art... Continue Reading →

Mediocrity and Milkshakes

This diet will be my death Sipping nasty shakes Holding my breath Bland food, dried beets It's a conspiracy! Where are my sweets?? Striving for thinner hips Eyes squeezed tight Mediocre milkshakes Poised at my lips ©Vivian Zems November Writing... Continue Reading →

Comfy Times

Laughter and snuggles Under warm blankets we dive Playing hide and seek Escapees from winter’s chill Scents of chilly times ahead ©Vivian Zems (#Tanka) I used a similar theme for a rondelet here Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge-Smell, Cozy synonyms

Power in the Air

Owls are one of the most misunderstood of God's creatures. All over the world, the owl symbolises something in different cultures. The Swahili people of East Africa believe owls bring illness to children, while the Zulu people of South Africa... Continue Reading →

The Gardener

A bounty for sure As I whisper triumph to self Lurid details of a glistening calyx Not obscured by pour lighting The rose solicits a song from My spirit Melodic notes as smooth suede gloves bathe my soul  A dilettante gardener such... Continue Reading →

Breezy Blunders

A gale tips a bin Spilling waste and tins A tin rolls down a hill In the path of a running  man The man takes a spill His bag contents free The coppers arrive Whistles so shrill The man tries... Continue Reading →

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